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Philanthropy is a crucial part of being an Alpha Phi. Our main philanthropic effort is Women's Heart Health, but we participate in various fundraisers throughout the year to support a large variety of charities and organizations. 


Red Dress Gala

Our most recent event raised $26,000!

Red Dress Gala is Alpha Phi's yearly event to support Women's Heart Health. We hold a gala for over 200 guests, and welcome guest speakers from the Ottawa Heart Institute. Guests can participate in games and raffles throughout the night, and all proceeds go to the Ottawa Heart Institute and the Alpha Phi Foundation. 


Community Service

Community service is an essential pillar of life as an Alpha Phi. We participate in numerous volunteer opportunities across Ottawa, and partner with various clubs and organizations! 


green initiatives

Alpha Phi is dedicated to environmental initiatives. We hold a 'green week' each year where we participate in numerous green initiatives. But year round, we are motivated to learn more about how we can be environmentally conscious in everything we do!

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