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A Phi's Guide to Staying Motivated

This year has been like no other! 2020 has presented new challenges for many of us, including on-line learning and virtual sorority events. Despite these changes and setbacks, we know how important it is to stay motivated and focused.

To help out, we have compiled some tips from our sisters that may help you stay on track this semester.

"I stay motivated by writing out a bunch of small tasks instead of a few larger tasks. This way I can check a lot more tasks off of my to do list and have more of a feeling of accomplishment each day!" - Hannah Prazak

"Making my bed so I can't get back in bed and actually do my school work!" - Sydney McCahon

"One thing I do to stay motivated during online school is taking care of my mental health. Allowing myself to take breaks and being ok with having days off!" - Kaitlyn Lemay

"Since I am in Co-op this semester and working from home, I go for walks during my lunch breaks, I FaceTime family and I do a lot of arts and crafts!" - Elise Cloutier

"I try to get enough sleep at night because feeling tired means I can't get anything done!" - Olivia Tilley

"I like making to do lists and visualizing my due dates! I make a spreadsheet with everything I need to hand in or even mini quizzes. It is very satisfying when I get to strike through an assignment especially those I've done and submitted before hand! - Ashley Wilson

"One thing that I'm doing to stay motivated during online school is to have study sessions with friends online!" - Maude Fournier

Hopefully these tips come in handy for studying and keeping a positive mindset.


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