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Advice from A Phi!

It is our favourite time of the year again…. RECRUITMENT SEASON! This year is going to be different but the sisters of Alpha Phi are dedicated to making it the best recruitment yet for all of our new members.

Recruitment is such an exciting time but can also be a little overwhelming.

The Ottawa sisters of Alpha Phi, want to make sure that every potential new member feels safe and welcomed into our community. It's this time of year where you will meet some of the most influential people in your life!

Below are some tips and some advice from our sisters about how to make recruitment the best!

Recruitment Tip #1

“My best advice for girls going through recruitment is to trust the process and be yourself. Rushing can be intimidating but as long as you stay true to your values, you will find girls who you share a genuine connection with.” - Madison Begbie

Recruitment Tip #2

“One tip I would have for the PNM’s is try to make the most of your time during a virtual recruitment session! Ask us any questions you want and make sure you feel informed and comfortable after the session! We are here to answer questions and have fun and helpful conversations with you. Even though things look a little different this year, it’s super important to still be engaged and informed throughout all of recruitment season!” - Christine Trivino

Recruitment Tip #3

“My biggest piece of advice for online recruitment is to take advantage of the resources provided to you. We’re very active on social media but also has a ton of resources available to PNM’s that could be helpful during recruitment. It would really make a potential new member stand out if they went out of their way to educate themselves on our philanthropies ahead of time.” - Olivia Nicoletti

Recruitment Tip #4

“A piece of advice, just be yourself. Do not worry about who you think we want to see, because we want you for who you are! At the end of the day, that is the best person that you could be.” - Taylor Dillabough

Recruitment Tip #5

“If I can give some advice to all the girls who want to rush Alpha Phi, it would be to not stress too much about recruitment. Take this opportunity to show your personality and who you really are! Make friends and have fun!” - Doha Bennani

Sisterhood and Finance 2019

We cannot wait to meet all of you and are looking forward to a great recruitment season!



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