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Big & Little but Make it Virtual

The most exciting event of every semester was held virtually for the first time!

Abi Mulligan

Our Big/Little event was held on November 6, 2020 with all of our sisters logged on via Zoom! Our Vice President of Member Education and Programming, Madison Begbie, planned an exciting and interactive reveal for all of our new members. Each big was requested to make a Tiktok video which was then played for the whole sorority and their little! This year's Big/Little reveal was a moment in our history where we showed incredible sister support.

Here are this years Big/Little Pairings:

Taylor Dillabough and Grace Ingham

Little - Big

Rayn Smeathers - Gwen Maclean

Skylar Johnson - Celina Seguin

Grace Ingham- Taylor Dillabough

Liz Kim- Chloe Chartrand Houle

Tanvi Hooja - Khadija Kamal

Madi Notley - Taylor Dillabough

Jenna Saghbini- Lauren Lozier

Camellia Celestino - Chloe Henry

Abi Mulligan - Doha Bennoni

Olivia Sarpong- Raquel Furtney

Amanda Dipaola - Hannah Prazak

Brooklyn Mortson - Katie Burrows

Mohreet Badel - Mara Ellis

Pascale Lapierre - Maddie Leavitt

Danya Pastuszak - Christine Trivino

Leanne Fair - Cassandra Quadrini

Carolanne Faucher - Caroline Berard

Lili Mcdougall - Katie Burrows

Elizabeth Van Horne - Mikaela O'brien

Congratulations to the Xi class and the new big/little pairings!

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