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International Leadership Conference 2020

This year, our 2020 Executive Council had the opportunity to participate in the Alpha Phi Leadership Conference. This conference brings the executive board of each chapter of Alpha Phi together to participate in information sessions to better each chapter. The conference began with a large session where all participants had the chance to hear from a motivational speaker about positive thinking!

On the Saturday of the conference, members were separated by position and had the chance to learn from other members and the international leader for the position. At the end of the conference, our chapter won the award for Most Improved Philanthropy for our Alpha Phifa event and Bachelor themed flower sale.This was an unforgettable experience that allowed our executive committee to expand their knowledge and meet other sisters across the nation!

Here are some words from our Executive Committee!

"This year's Leadership Conference was one of the best trips I have had with Alpha Phi yet! It was so much fun meeting new people as well as seeing some familiar faces from years past. The sessions were extremely educational, run by stellar instructors and guest speakers. I learned a lot from other Chapter Presidents, based on their own personal experiences, and have come out of it with so many new ideas and strategies for our Chapter. Being in Washington DC was also very comforting as it is my hometown, so I enjoyed being able to show the rest of our Executive Council where I am from. Overall the whole trip was fantastic, and I look forward to implementing new things as a result!" - Lauren Somerville, Chapter President

"I had an amazing time at the conference learning more about my position. I had the amazing chance to discuss marketing strategies with other VP Marketing! I learned a lot about merchandising, financing our marketing strategies, and some new programs and apps that can help take our marketing to the next level. I have a whole new set of goals I can't wait to get started on with our amazing marketing team!" - Lauren Lozier, Vice President of Marketing

"I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel to Washington DC for my first ever Alpha Phi Leadership Conference. The things that I learned and the people that I met will be near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life." - Madison Begbie, Vice President of Member Education and Programming

"Conference was a once in a lifetime experience! Meeting so many women from all over North America showed me that this sisterhood really does go beyond our Chapter. I can't wait to use all the skills that I have learned to improve our community relations and future philanthropic events!" - Laura Pankiw, Vice President of Community Relations

“So grateful to have gotten the opportunity to learn from and be surrounded by such inspirational leaders. I found it so valuable to be able to hear from the real experiences and solutions of other chapters and to be able to interact with and bounce ideas off of experienced women in the field of risk management. I am so excited to be able to further integrate so many of the great ideas and concepts that I got the chance to learn about and interact with.” - Julieta Garcia, Vice President Risk Management

“The Alpha Phi International Conference was such an amazing experience! The networking opportunities were endless. Such a great way to connect and learn about other people’s experiences.” - Laurence Nantel-Nadon, Vice President of Finance

“It was my privilege and honour to attend Alpha Phi’s southern/eastern Leadership Conference this February to learn more about our Fraternity’s membership recruitment process! It was an awesome opportunity to meet and share recruitment strategies with executive officers from all over the United States and Canada! My department is super excited to begin implementing what we learned to make this upcoming recruitment session the best yet! AOE.” - Emily Poole, Vice President of Membership Recruitment

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