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Let's Talk, Together

Yesterday was Bell Let’s Talk day, and Alpha Phi participated by both raising money and encouraging the conversation. We hope that it is not only January 29th that we can speak about mental health, but every day. We were excited to participate in such a great cause that brings attention to mental health and raises money at the same time. As mental illness affects 1 in 5 Canadians each year, we want to stand together and support everyone suffering.

As a sorority, one of our main pillars is sisterhood. In our chapter, we do our best to provide a positive foundation for all of our members to thrive and succeed. Bell Let’s Talk day brings awareness to mental health in hopes of ending the stigma around people who suffer from mental illness. We want to ensure our sisters in Ottawa and across North America know we are there for them, on January 29th and every other day of the year.

Alpha phi strongly believes in the importance of mental health awareness. We take care of our sisters through mentorship and our watchcare program and have resources on hand and through recommendation. Every sister is supported, loved and listened to within Alpha Phi.

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