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What Recruitment Means to Me

For most sisters, recruitment was the beginning of everlasting friendships and a community that supports one another. The Alpha Phi family is one of the most influential aspects of recruitment season. Recruitment is the time where the decision to rush Alpha Phi becomes so important to your greek journey. You’ll never forget the feeling of sharing these first memories during recruitment with your sisters!

Here are some of our sisters explaining their recruitment process and what it meant to them:

“For me recruitment was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It is such an exciting process to go through because you get to learn new information about the sorority and the experiences to come, but you also get to learn about all the girls who are active members. Alpha Phi and recruitment will always have a special spot in my heart. It has helped me grow as a person and taught me to go outside my comfort zone and meet so many new and amazing girls who I know will be lifelong friends.” Taylor Dillabough

“Recruitment is the most exciting part of the year for me because we get to meet so many new people! I really love getting the chance to hear how everyone ended up in Ottawa, and further decided to learn more about Alpha Phi. I remember sitting in their chair, being a first year student, so nervous to meet new people and not being sure what my university experience would be like. That to me was so exciting, and it re-excites me when I see someone else going through it! It also makes me happy to be a part of that process where they get to find their home!” - Lauren Lozier

“Recruitment for me as a PNM is an amazing chance to get to know more amazing girls and have fun. Recruitment for me is a great process because the PNMs get to choose the sorority they want and the sorority will select the PNM that shows an outstanding devotion to their pillars. As a PNM last winter, I was really stressed but I can say it was a beautiful process and I had so much fun!” - Doha Bennani

“Alpha Phi has been such a positive experience! I’ve built so many relationships with amazing girls, and I know I can count on them for anything!” - Gwen Maclean

“Recruitment is the best time of the year! It’s super exciting to have all new girls coming in so that we can create strong bonds with them and new friendships! All of the events are super fun as well as informative and bring all of our sisters together to meet so many PNM’s. One of my favourite parts of recruitment is bid day! After talking to all of the PNM’s for the recruitment season, it’s very exciting to see who will be a part of our amazing organization and who I can continue to grow a friendship with! Recruitment is exciting not only for us but for all of the PNM’s as they get to experience Alpha Phi and learn our ideals and values while meeting some incredible ladies! This year, I was able to be a part of the recruitment team with my position as Director of Target Membership Marketing and it has been such a phenomenal experience! Not only did I get to interact with so many new girls and be a part of the planning for everything exciting to come, but I was able to work with the best recruitment team ever! I am so excited to meet all the PNM’s throughout recruitment season and grow our Alpha Phi family.” - Christine Trivino

We cannot wait to meet all of you and we hope that the stories shared by these sisters inspire you to get excited about recruitment!


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