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Will You Be My Little?

It’s the day that every new member has been waiting for!

Big/little reveal is the gathering where our new class has the chance to meet their big for the first time. A big becomes a mentor, a friend, another support system within Alpha Phi.

This year's 2020 winter Big/Little reveal followed a Bachelor theme, “Will You Accept This Rose, Little?” Leading up to the big reveal, each new member receives three gifts and three clues from their big. It is a suspenseful week as active members and new members await the reveal. Yes, that’s right, our active members do not know who is a big or who their littles are, so it is a surprise for everyone!

This year we had such a fun time celebrating with the Nu class and their bigs. Thank you to our Vice President of Education and Programming, Madison Begbie and our Big/Little Chair, Juliana Moreno for all their hard work in such a successful event!

This year's Big/Little matches are….

Big Sarra Athimni matched with littles Doha Bennani and Morgan Ficzere

Big Trinity Duffy matched with little Elandil Birks

Big Maddy Begbie matched with little Khadija Lamal

Big Elise Coutier matched with littles Kaitlyn Lemay and Chloe Henry

Big Cassandra Quadrini matched with little Leanne Fair

Big Olivia Tilley matched with little Ashley Wilson

Big Jaimey Finkel matched with little Mikaela O’Brien

Big Clare Geddes matched with little Grace Cowie

Big Sydney Reid matched with littles Sydney McCahon and Maude Fournier

Big Angie Malpica matched with little Alicea Robinson

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