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Leadership is what brings Alpha Phi together. We believe that you can become the best version of yourself here. Alpha Phi provides various opportunities to become a better leader, through positions, conferences, and workshops! All of Alpha Phi's leadership opportunities are resume-approved: our sisters have gone on to become great leaders in their workplaces with their Alpha Phi experience!



Mentors and Advice

We regularly have visits from alumni and other notable people in our community to teach us a variety of skills from resume building, financial literacy, leadership, environmental accountability, and more. 

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Lead your team!

Alpha Phi is completely student run. This means our finances, events, recruitment, and marketing are all run by sisters of Alpha Phi. And you can be a part of it! Our leadership positions offer great resume building experience that you can't find elsewhere.



Grow your network!

Alpha Phi International hosts a series of conferences each year - for free! Our executive team, president, and a few lucky applicants get to fly across the country (think Boston, Atlanta, and DC!) to learn more about their positions, Alpha Phi, and meet sisters from other chapters across North America!

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