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10 Study Tips for the Exam Season!

With stress and anxiety building as exams approach, our sisters have been taking some study breaks to enjoy the holidays and you should too! Here's some study tips to help you get through to the holidays!

1. Start studying as soon as possible!

However obvious it may be, studying a little bit everyday is much more effective than cramming all the info in the last minute.

2. Turn of your phone.

Focusing and retaining information can get extremely difficult when TikTok and Snapchat notifications are flowing. Turn off your phone to help you better focus.

3. Get those study breaks in.

Giving your brain a break is seriously so important. Make time to rest and relax between study sessions. Go for a walk, cook something new, or grab a coffee with a friend!

4. Be realistic with your schedule.

Set realistic goals for the amount of time you're studying. Having a plan and doing a little bit everyday makes you feel more motivated and less anxious about getting things done.

5. Change up the scenery.

Studying at home can be challenging. Switch up the area of your house that you work in to make the day feel shorter and keep you engaged!

6. Rest, rest, rest!

Assuring your body gets the right amount of sleep has proven better cognitive functioning. Put the textbook down and make sure to get some z's.

7. Fuel your mind.

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle helps you retain information easier. Make sure you are feeding your body the right foods and drinking water. Sometimes you need a break from coffee!

8. Reach out to people!

Don't be afraid to reach out to your professors or teaching assistants if you have any questions, they're there to help you! Maybe even talking to a family member or friend could give you some guidance.

9. It's okay to not be perfect!

Allow yourself space to not be perfect. Focus on your strengths, you don't need to know everything!

10. Give yourself credit.

Exams are a stressful time for everyone. Take time to acknowledge the work you've put in throughout the entire semester. You're almost at that finish line!

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