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Hello New Exec!

This year we welcome a new executive team to our chapter.

We are so excited to announce our new President for the year 2020, Lauren Somerville. We cannot wait to see what she will bring to our chapter! Following her leadership, we have our Vice President of Risk Management Julieta Garcia, who will be in charge of our chapter’s safety this year. Next, we have our Vice President of Membership Recruitment Emily Poole, who has already done an amazing job during winter recruitment! We are so excited to see what this new class will bring to Alpha Phi. The Nu class will be coached into Alpha Phi by Madison Begbie, Vice President of Member Education and Programming. Our new Vice President of Finance, Laurence Nantel-Nadon is working hard to ensure our chapters funding and financial health is strong for this year. Our marketing team has plenty of ideas that will be executed by Lauren Lozier, Vice President of Marketing. Lauren will be going into her second year as Vice President of Marketing with an even better marketing plan for 2020! Our Vice President of Community Relations is Laura Pankiw, who is working hard to plan lots of charity events to raise money for our philanthropy, women’s heart health. Lastly, this year’s Executive Administrator is Olivia Nicoletti. She is in charge of ensuring our status at the University of Ottawa and managing our internal affairs. Here is a sneak peek of what each executive member has planned for 2020! "I am so excited for all that this semester is going to bring! Ensuring that everyone feels like they have a voice is one of my top priorities, as well as realigning our ideals, and making sure we can be the best sisterhood we can be! I want to watch this chapter continue to flourish, as a result of the incredible women that make it up. "- President, Lauren Somerville "My goal for this year is to continue to grow our chapter with women who aspire to our highest ideals of character, innovation, generosity, and sisterhood! I'm excited to work alongside my directors this upcoming year to create exciting and memorable experiences for all women interested in recruitment at Alpha Phi Iota Upsilon! From the moment we're tabling until we're celebrating the bids of our newest sisters, my priority is making sure every woman feels safe, respected, and heard in our community!" - Vice President of Membership Recruitment, Emily Poole "My biggest goal as an exec would be to maintain financial health and collaborate with our lovely other exec members for the best of our chapter." - Vice President of Finance, Laurence Natal-Nadon "I am so excited to be VP Marketing for another year and continue to improve our marketing strategy!" - Vice President Marketing, Lauren Lozier "I am both excited and honoured to have been selected as the Vice President of Risk Management for our chapter. I look forward to a year filled with ample opportunity to learn and grow with my fellow executive members, and with my sisters. Specifically, I hope to be able to foster a stronger sense of safety through the community, and build an environment where there are no boundaries or fears in asking for help." - Vice President of Risk Management, Julieta Garcia "My goal for this year is to focus on strengthening our sisterhood. Being in a sorority, our sisters are our chosen family and I want to make sure that family feeling carries on beyond graduation." - Vice President of Member Education and Programming, Madison Begbie "This term I am excited to create community service opportunities for our sisters on and off-campus! One of my main goals is to continue to strengthen our current relations and to create new ones in our community!" - Vice President of Community Relations, Laura Pankiw

"I want to enable sisters to attend as many events as they can to build sisterhood. I'm excited for the executive committee to work together and collaborate to build not only each other but all the other sisters up. My hope for the year is that all sisters feel like they have a safe space to come to and a home in Alpha Phi!" - Executive Administrator, Olivia Nicoletti

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